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Wouldn't you Love More Clients?

I get asked a lot; “How can I get more clients" and “How can I have a successful business like yours?"

The simple fact is many therapists may be the absolutely best at what they do, but if they have little or no knowledge of how to actually run a business, then sadly, they just have an expensive hobby.

Our online membership will walk you step-by-step through building and growing your profitable business and launching you into a successful business owner, not just a ‘lash tech’ or a ‘brow artist’

You will have access to your mentors 24/7 along with our friendly (and exclusive) Facebook community so you’ll always feel supported.

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About The Course

Do you want to be fully booked? Do you want to know how to get more clients and run a successful beauty business.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Social Media – Use your free online platforms to their full potential
  • Paid Advertising – Getting results and posting content that really works
  • Communication tools – the best online tools to reach your clients.
  • Building a client base – Filling appointments for months ahead.
  • Gaining loyal clients – Getting referrals, gaining followers and fans.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

We will cover a huge range of topics including:

  • Social Media – What works, where your clients hang out and how to beat the algorithms.
  • Paid Advertising – What do potential clients actually want to see? How to word your ads and maximise your investment.
  • Communicating with your audience – the best online tools to reach your market, backed up by expert knowledge.
  • Building a client base – Filling appointments for months ahead and getting a waiting list.
  • Gaining loyal clients – Getting referrals, gaining followers and fans.

… and so much more!

Who are The Business Mentors?

Michelle Ryan is the founder of The Business Mentors and runs a busy salon offering treatments as well as being an experienced trainer within the beauty industry.

Having trained internationally, judged competitions, spoken at conferences and having work published in various publications, Michelle (and her Business/Brow/Lash Mentors) want to help other ladies to reach their full potential and smash their business goals!

How does the training work?

The Business Mentors membership is designed to offer training that actually works and fits around your day-today-roles.

We are constantly updating and uploading fresh content to the website. Upon registering your membership, you will be added to our unique mailing list. We will notify you via email whenever we release a fresh piece of content for you, as well as sending you plenty of tips, advice and motivational comments along the way.

Within the training, we will explain things in simple terms and giving you examples, templates and instructions for you to implement so you can see physical results in your business.

What Membership Perks do I get?

As a member of the Business Mentors, you will be able to also sign up to The Lash Mentors or The Brow Mentors for a discounted price.

You will also get access to offers and discounts from our industry experts along the way.

Why Choose the The Business Mentors?

Michelle Ryan runs a busy and extremely successful salon & training academy.
Many years experience in training - both in business and in cosmetics.
We're trusted by many beauty business owners, backed up by some amazing testimonials.


Michelle and Layla are amazing! They have help me massively over the past year and my business has really flourished! They have given me the confidence to move out of my comfort zone and made my dreams realities. ❤

Faye Brignell
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